This is the second of three ball gowns I created for one of my friends in 2008. I asked the client what style of gown she wanted and she chose this image of a fashionable dress. She particularly liked the shape of the back of the gown.

We decided to begin with that the front of the gown should be changed slightly to be more flattering to her body shape. So we decided  that the front should be more pleated and random to break up the shape of the front of the gown. This would change the shape from an a-line gown to drop the waist down slightly to the natural waist.

I liked the shape of the back of the gown and as such I wanted to recreate this as best as possible. I stand drafted the gown in a similar fabric to the one my model had chosen. It was in a different shade of pink but with the same qualities of our chosen fabric. This gave me a better idea of how the real fabric would behave when I was creating the real gown.

This is a picture of the gown in the final fitting. The folding and pleating detail across the front I hand stitched down to make the pleats as crisp as possible and to ensure that they didn’t slip.

The back of the gown was similarly pleated to create the back point detail. The photo right was taken by the photographer Rosie Hill, and shows the detail of the back of the gown.