This is a knee-length ball dress I created for myself from my own design. I bought a short bolt of fabric from a local market and found the print inspiring. I liked that the fabric was reversible and wanted to create a white print gown with blue sash belt detail.

I stand drafted the dress first out of calico and then again in the main fabric using this calico pattern. I had to re-drape the neck pleats and gathers to ensure that they looked good in the stiffer main fabric. I also hand stitched down these pleats so that they maintained their shape.

The belt at the waist accentuates the natural waistline and creates a nice shape at the back of the gown. I wanted the bow at the back to be a feature and so I made it oversized and it trailed below the bottom of the skirt.

To ensure the skirt of the dress stood out properly I created an underskirt hemmed with very gathered blue net. This created anough volume to make the skirt stand out alone, it meant the dress required no further petticoat beneath it.