For my corsetry project I decided I wanted to create an 18th century corset, or stays as they would have been called. To do this I first stand drafted a basic shape for my pattern. Then I used this after balancing it, to create a first toile to try on my model, see left.

After my first fitting I had to take the corset in a lot and therefore I had to remove some bones to make it smaller. The toile for my second fitting fitted far better, see right. I still had to take the corset in a little but the changes

I made were minor or aesthetic and so I decided there was no need for a third fitting.


Once the second fitting was complete I went about creating my final pattern. I used this pattern to create my final corset. To do this I had to cut two entire corsets in calico and then again in the main and lining fabrics and from these pieces I would create the rigid corset.

I was very proud of the final corset I had created, I think it is a good example of my ability to create complex garments to a high standard. It fitted my model perfectly and I feel that the fitting and construction process has taught me a lot that I can take on to use in the creation of future garments.