So I’ve begun my second year of studies at Rose Bruford College London, and to begin the year westart with an 18th century period waistcoat project.


To learn the key skills needed to create this waistcoat we created three half scale waistcoats of varying style to learn the techniques of how to assemble a waistcoat.

We created a basic half length waistcoat with no lapel (red and green check tartan), a second half length
waistcoat with a flat lapel and main fabric back (gold flower), and finally an 18th Century waistcoat with a longer thigh length front and waist length back and stand mandarin style collar (brown flower).

I felt that these three waistcoat experiments were a real success and I now feel that I have the skills I will need to create my full scale waistcoat, keep looking back for that one soon!