I have just finished my latest week long project with an outside tutor, this particular project was focussed on making dance and sports wear.

We were allowed to create, from our own design, either a catsuit or a leotard which we had to draft, cut and make for our own measurements. As you may have seen from the rest of this blog I tend to avoid being my own model… However eventually the lycra got to me!

For the fitting process we worked in pairs and so my partner fitted me and I fitted her. I decided I wanted to make a leotard and began with flat drafting my pattern from flat drafting instructions, which I then altered to fit my measurements and my design. I designed a leotard with frills at the hem in a contrasting colour of lime green mesh, this mesh would also make up the sleeves and keyhole panel at the front.

The fabrics we were given to use were black or white stretch jersey lycra and anything we could use from a box of scraps the college had. I found this particularly outrageous shade of mesh which I wanted to incorporate, even though I knew it would cause some issues being of a totally different material and density to the black lycra.

Still even with these issues I was pleased with how my leotard turned out, I think it fits me well and I especially like the lime green ruffles around the bottom.