Over Easter I was lucky enough to get to work with Glyndebourne and the Birmingham Royal Ballet. It was really incredible to get to work with two such different and such interesting companies.

I was working in Glyndebourne’s Women’s cutting department. I found this experience so valuable and the people that I met taught me so much about the cutting and construction of period women’s costume. This was the second time I’ve worked in a large cutting department and it was fascinating to see how costumes for a large scale opera company are constructed. I found the people who worked at Glyndebourne so friendly and welcoming, so thank you to everyone who made my work experience so enjoyable!

After this I went to work with the Birmingham Royal Ballet in their women’s running wardrobe department. I worked with this company for two weeks in September and I was so pleased to be back as I love working with this company. I always learn so much about the maintenance and upkeep of costumes, some of which have been kept near perfect for thirty years. Again the ladies of the Birmingham Royal Ballet made me feel so welcome and I really enjoyed working with them.

I really hope that I get to work with these two companies again in the future and just in case you are reading this ladies, thank you so much for making my work experience so incredibly valuable and most of all enjoyable!