We finished our run of ‘City Voices’ on Saturday evening, and I for one am really proud of the whole team that made this production possible. ‘City Voices’ was a Rose Bruford college production combining three newly written plays performed in their Barn the
atre. As a costume team we were each given specific roles. I was in charge of store pulling costumes for the middle play ‘The Frame’.

I also made a pair of trousers for ‘2’ in this same play, see right. I was pretty pleased with how the trousers fit the actor and how his costume looked as a whole onstage. I am aware that the trousers were hardly a feature costume, however I chose to make them to learn more making techniques and skills and I’m pleased with how they were finished.

I was also in charge of screen printing two t-shirts for the characters of ‘Claire’ and ‘Henry’ in ‘SATB’ the last of the three plays. These two t-shirts can be seen left.

As well as dressing on all three plays backstage and working as a part of the costume assistant team, I was also in charge of painting the costume for ‘Stranger’ in ‘SATB’. To create this costume that was meant to look like a human statue my supervisor sourced all the separate aspects of the costume from charity shops and then I was to paint it with acrylic paints to give the costume a stone look.

I began by making the whole a single grey colour and then working into the costume to give it the stone effect we were going for. I used a sponge to create the stone stippling effect. First in a mid tone grey and then afterwards when this didn’t register enough on stage under stage lighting, I was asked to work into the costume with a lighter colour. I used the same technique as previously but with a much lighter grey to make the colour stand out on the darkness of the stage. I think that in the end the whole costume looked really effective.

Thank you to keyozdesign.com for allowing me to use of his photos and for doing such a great job photographing the costumes on stage.