So here we are again! We are now starting our next show block at Rose Bruford College. I am working on the New Writing Triple bill of three short productions, ‘Friends, family and other people’, ‘The Frame’ and ‘SATB’.

We started officially last Monday when we had our final design meeting, and I am now in the process of flat drafting the toile for the pair of man’s grey chinos that I will be making. I’m excited to be working with Fraz Roughton again and Sarah Peachey as our co-designers and we have a really good costume team so I look forward to learn a lot again from being a costume assistant! This show I am in charge of pulling for six costumes for ‘The Frame’ which I am really excited about.

Keep watching for more updates and maybe a few fitting photos!


Over Easter I was lucky enough to get to work with Glyndebourne and the Birmingham Royal Ballet. It was really incredible to get to work with two such different and such interesting companies.

I was working in Glyndebourne’s Women’s cutting department. I found this experience so valuable and the people that I met taught me so much about the cutting and construction of period women’s costume. This was the second time I’ve worked in a large cutting department and it was fascinating to see how costumes for a large scale opera company are constructed. I found the people who worked at Glyndebourne so friendly and welcoming, so thank you to everyone who made my work experience so enjoyable!

After this I went to work with the Birmingham Royal Ballet in their women’s running wardrobe department. I worked with this company for two weeks in September and I was so pleased to be back as I love working with this company. I always learn so much about the maintenance and upkeep of costumes, some of which have been kept near perfect for thirty years. Again the ladies of the Birmingham Royal Ballet made me feel so welcome and I really enjoyed working with them.

I really hope that I get to work with these two companies again in the future and just in case you are reading this ladies, thank you so much for making my work experience so incredibly valuable and most of all enjoyable!

I recently did some freelance work for Lazarus Theatre Company’s production of the Women of Troy, you can see the pictures of my work on the below link. One of the dresses I made is second in from the right! I hope to get more photos soon!

I created this religious alb for the character of Ostensible in Rose Bruford College’s latest production of Scenes from an Execution which showed at the Unicorn theatre, London, from the 3rd-5th March 2012.

It was designed by Fraz Roughton and is a stylized adaptation of a traditional Cardinal’s garments. I created the garment adapting a flat pattern by the embroidery artist Beryl Dean and then changing the garment to the shape that my designer wanted in fittings.

The alb was created with soft tailoring, is fully lined and over a period of just under three working weeks. I also worked backstage on the show as a dresser and wardrobe assistant. It was an incredibly fun and challenging time and I learned a lot about working in a professional environment. I really look forward to working backstage again soon.

Scenes from an Execution

This is the link to the photos from Scenes from an Execution which I helped work on as a wardrobe assistant and maker. Thankyou to Rose Bruford and Karl Oskar Sordal for the photos!

More pictures can be seen of my make on my facebook page:

London Philippine Fashion Show 2012

A sneaky peek backstage of the girls I helped dress in couture gowns by Cary Santiago. Anni, the model I was responsible for is second from the right. Congratulations everyone, the show was such a success!

Photo courtesy of Hannah Pick

London Philippine Fashion Show 2012

Me ready and waiting to quick change one of the models into a gown by Lesley Mobo at Wednesday night’s fashion show.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Pick

Yesterday I was lucky enough to work dressing backstage at the London Philippine Prospero Fashion show 2012, I had an incredible day working with some really talented designers and models. Photos from the event can be seen below. The model I dressed, Anni, is on the right in the second link.

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I am currently working on costumes for Rose Bruford College’s production of  Scenes from an Execution, so thought I’d re-blog a picture taken by Fraz Roughton, the very talented designer of our show who designed the costumes that I am helping to make and source. This is a sneak preview of the costume I have made during the final fabric fitting… Very exciting!

Stay tuned for finished pictures and more information! And don’t forget to come and see the show if you possibly can, it should be excellent:

Photo by Fraz Roughton:!/Frazroughton