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So here we are again! We are now starting our next show block at Rose Bruford College. I am working on the New Writing Triple bill of three short productions, ‘Friends, family and other people’, ‘The Frame’ and ‘SATB’.

We started officially last Monday when we had our final design meeting, and I am now in the process of flat drafting the toile for the pair of man’s grey chinos that I will be making. I’m excited to be working with Fraz Roughton again and Sarah Peachey as our co-designers and we have a really good costume team so I look forward to learn a lot again from being a costume assistant! This show I am in charge of pulling for six costumes for ‘The Frame’ which I am really excited about.

Keep watching for more updates and maybe a few fitting photos!


I am currently working on costumes for Rose Bruford College’s production of  Scenes from an Execution, so thought I’d re-blog a picture taken by Fraz Roughton, the very talented designer of our show who designed the costumes that I am helping to make and source. This is a sneak preview of the costume I have made during the final fabric fitting… Very exciting!

Stay tuned for finished pictures and more information! And don’t forget to come and see the show if you possibly can, it should be excellent:

Photo by Fraz Roughton:!/Frazroughton