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I created this religious alb for the character of Ostensible in Rose Bruford College’s latest production of Scenes from an Execution which showed at the Unicorn theatre, London, from the 3rd-5th March 2012.

It was designed by Fraz Roughton and is a stylized adaptation of a traditional Cardinal’s garments. I created the garment adapting a flat pattern by the embroidery artist Beryl Dean and then changing the garment to the shape that my designer wanted in fittings.

The alb was created with soft tailoring, is fully lined and over a period of just under three working weeks. I also worked backstage on the show as a dresser and wardrobe assistant. It was an incredibly fun and challenging time and I learned a lot about working in a professional environment. I really look forward to working backstage again soon.


I am currently working on costumes for Rose Bruford College’s production of  Scenes from an Execution, so thought I’d re-blog a picture taken by Fraz Roughton, the very talented designer of our show who designed the costumes that I am helping to make and source. This is a sneak preview of the costume I have made during the final fabric fitting… Very exciting!

Stay tuned for finished pictures and more information! And don’t forget to come and see the show if you possibly can, it should be excellent:

Photo by Fraz Roughton:!/Frazroughton

I’m currently working on Rose Bruford College’s production of ‘Scenes from an Execution’ at the Unicorn theatre in March. I’m really excited about this production, so please come along and support it! It should be a really interesting production.

Booking and information on the link below!

Image courtesy of Rose Bruford.